Kansas City Scouting Museum

A virtual collection of items and ephemera related to the Boy Scout movement in the Kansas City area.

Rim Rock Trail

The Rim Rock Trail, located at Theodore Naish Scout Reservation, is an 11 mile trail constructed in 1981.  The concept of the trail was initiated by members of Tamegonit Lodge #147 and takes hikers around the general perimeter of the camp.  The following patches and medals have been available to those Scouts and Scouters who have hiked the trail in its entirety.  The patches shown below are listed as round issues (R) by Tamegonit Lodge #147.


Issue Description Image
R0.1 Broken “TN”, cloth back, rolled edge
R0.2 Unbroken “TN”, cloth back, rolled edge
R0.3 Unbroken “TN”, plastic back, rolled edge
R0.4 Cloth back, cut edge, computer design, no FDL
R0.5 Unbroken “TN”, plastic back, rolled edge, computer design



2 responses to “Rim Rock Trail

  1. Paul Conner 02/07/2018 at 4:30 pm

    Do you happen to know where one of these may be purchased? I earned one as a youth and loved the hike.

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