Kansas City Scouting Museum

A virtual collection of items and ephemera related to the Boy Scout movement in the Kansas City area.


Year Description Image
1985 NJ Red rolled border, BSA 75th Anniversary, participants/trader
1985 NJ Silver mylar border, BSA 75th Anniversary, youth leaders
1985 NJ Gold mylar border, BSA 75th Anniversary, adult leaders
1988 WJ Red border
1989 NJ Yellow border, vertical background stitching
1989 NJ Gold mylar border, vertical background stitching, two per participant
1993 NJ Red border, two per participant
1997 NJ Yellow border
1997 NJ Red border
2001 NJ Red border, Troop 1215
2001 NJ Blue border, Troop 1216
2001 NJ Green border, Troop 1217
2001 NJ Silver mylar border
2001 NJ Gold mylar border
2005 NJ Brown border
2010 NJ Black border, general sale
2010 NJ Blue border, Troop 1131
2010 NJ Orange border, Troop 1132
2010 NJ Green border, Troop 1133
2010 NJ Red border, Troop 1134
2010 NJ Silver mylar border, Jamboree staff
2010 NJ Gold mylar border, Council VIP
2013 NJ Blue
2013 NJ Gray/Black
2013 NJ Green
2013 NJ Purple
2013 NJ Red
2013 NJ White
2013 NJ Jacket / Center Patch
2013 NJ Full Set